Quarters’ records

As it was the first big korfball tournament IKF decided to use quarter-parts for the matches, we can do new statistics observations. We have four periods of each game instead of two. Not a big change? Still the same time of real play? Not exactly.
Quarters divided a match into the shorter periods. Coaches can motivate players more often. Players of the losing team have a new chance to start 100% involvement in the same moment instead of few single player’s spurts during a continual play.

And how were these quarts during last European Championships?

Participants played 33 matches, it means 132 quartes as there was no extra time played. 6 matches were played with 4 x 8 minutes playing time, rest of them were 40 minutes.

The Netherlands vs. Russia – the match of quarter’ records

First of all the highest it was the highest number of goals in the whole game: 48 + 12 = 60. So the goal was every 40 seconds on average.

The highest number of goals scored by single team and both teams in a quarter was:

21 = 15 + 6

It means a goal every 28,6 seconds on average.

In the same match European Champion broke another record: the highest goals difference in a single quarter:

11 = 12 – 1

Was Russia in a bad shape scoring only 1 goal in 10 minutes? On one hand ‘yes’ – we remember this team scored many goals playing against the best world teams. On the other hand what can Poland team say? They didn’t score for quarta 4 times!

No goal within quarta:

  • 4 x Poland
  • 3 x Czech Republic
  • 1 x Catalonia
  • 1 x Germany

So, are matches of Russia and Poland boring? I don’t think so…


Poland – Russia was the most closed game of the IKF European Championships 2016. Finnaly Russia won 15:13 but on the way, in the period we observed it was: 4:3, 3:4, 4:4, 4:2. The last leading of Russia was gotten only 5 minutes before the end.

Comparing to other Euro matches we have to agree it was good spectacle in spite of the fact it wasn’t a high level play. Most of the matches were in the same scenario: winning team got a leading in the first quarter keeping it to the end of the game. Winner got a leading – on average – about half an hour before the end! It’s too early. No other sport is like that.

In the next post I will try to implement some… volleyball rules to compare these sports statistics to find out some proposals for better korfball.


Is korfball too predictable?

To allur supporters to korfball matches almost every season IKF tests new playing rules to make the game more attractive.

The worst thing for this game is the situation that one team absoloutly dominate another one too often. We can see this problem on te international level: during whole group stage of the last World Championships the average score difference was 19 points! How can we have a passion for the match when it’s for example 30:10 twenty minutes before the last referee blow*? And there are more events like that e.g. IKF Europa Cup 1st round tournament in Cardiff: 12 from 14 matches repeated scenario: a team leading after first 10 minutes wins the game. Only Warsaw broke Prievidza after 6:3 and Slovakian team won after 5:5 against Bonson.

* case of opening match Belgium – Australia

What’s your opinion? Can you predict scores of the coming European Championships?


Thank you for taking part in “Euro 2016 betting”:)
Let’s summerise it…

Only one person guessed all 20 scorers of the group-stage of European Championships. Congratulations to Szymon!

Avarage score was 17,2 points!
50% of the scores were guessed by everybody!!!
The most difficult match to predict was: England – Portugal: only 40% betted Portugal as a winner. Portugal won this game 17:12. Quite difficult to predict were also: Catalonia – Germany (21:16) and Portugal – Czech Republic (20:10).