Quarters’ records

As it was the first big korfball tournament IKF decided to use quarter-parts for the matches, we can do new statistics observations. We have four periods of each game instead of two. Not a big change? Still the same time of real play? Not exactly.
Quarters divided a match into the shorter periods. Coaches can motivate players more often. Players of the losing team have a new chance to start 100% involvement in the same moment instead of few single player’s spurts during a continual play.

And how were these quarts during last European Championships?

Participants played 33 matches, it means 132 quartes as there was no extra time played. 6 matches were played with 4 x 8 minutes playing time, rest of them were 40 minutes.

The Netherlands vs. Russia – the match of quarter’ records

First of all the highest it was the highest number of goals in the whole game: 48 + 12 = 60. So the goal was every 40 seconds on average.

The highest number of goals scored by single team and both teams in a quarter was:

21 = 15 + 6

It means a goal every 28,6 seconds on average.

In the same match European Champion broke another record: the highest goals difference in a single quarter:

11 = 12 – 1

Was Russia in a bad shape scoring only 1 goal in 10 minutes? On one hand ‘yes’ – we remember this team scored many goals playing against the best world teams. On the other hand what can Poland team say? They didn’t score for quarta 4 times!

No goal within quarta:

  • 4 x Poland
  • 3 x Czech Republic
  • 1 x Catalonia
  • 1 x Germany

So, are matches of Russia and Poland boring? I don’t think so…


Poland – Russia was the most closed game of the IKF European Championships 2016. Finnaly Russia won 15:13 but on the way, in the period we observed it was: 4:3, 3:4, 4:4, 4:2. The last leading of Russia was gotten only 5 minutes before the end.

Comparing to other Euro matches we have to agree it was good spectacle in spite of the fact it wasn’t a high level play. Most of the matches were in the same scenario: winning team got a leading in the first quarter keeping it to the end of the game. Winner got a leading – on average – about half an hour before the end! It’s too early. No other sport is like that.

In the next post I will try to implement some… volleyball rules to compare these sports statistics to find out some proposals for better korfball.


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